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Lancashire Wills Proved at Chester 1545 - 1837 : All Tonge entries in "Index to Wills and Administrations Formerly Preserved in the Probate Registry, Chester", published by The Record Society of Lancashire & Cheshire.  Bolton Library Ref: 942.72 REC.

Abraham Tongue of Westhoughton, Alehouse Keeper, 1705, infra, Admon.
Adam Tong of Salford, 1685, infra, Admon. & Inv.
Alice Tonge of Eccles, Widow, 1593
Alice Tonge of Bolton, 1674, infra, Inv.
Alice Tonge of Tonge, Widow, 1724
Ann Tonge of Farnworth, 1693, Admon (missing)
Ann Tongue of Farnworth, Spinster, 1715, infra
Ann Tonge of Leeds, 1781, Admon.
Ann Tonge of Salford, Spinster, 1819, infra
Arabella Tongue of Farnworth, Spinster, 1768, Admon.
Ashton Tonge of Middleton, 1632, Inv.
Ashton Tonge of Middleton, Husbandman, 1633
Ashton Tonge of Worsley, Carpenter, 1772, Admon.
Ashton Tonge of Tonge, Linen weaver, 1792
Ashton Tong of Tong, 1793, infra, Admon.
Assheton Tonge of Tonge, Weaver, 1723, Admon.
Beatridge Tongue of Manchester, Widow, 1801, Admon.
Betty Tonge of Little Bolton, 1825
Christian Tonge of Farnworth, Widow, 1670, infra, Inv.
Dorothy Tongue of Openshaw, Widow, 1681, infra
Dorothy Tonge of Tonge, 1729, will
Dorothy Tonge of Tonge, 1733, infra
Elizabeth Tonge of Breightmet, Widow, 1661
Elizabeth Tonge of Rivington, 1731, infra
Elizabeth Toung of Manchester, 1756, infra
Elizabeth Tonge of Grapenhall, 1810, Admon.
Elizabeth Tonge of Warrington, 1831, Admon.
Ellen Tonge of Little Hulton, 1681, infra, Admon. & Inv.
Ellen Tong of Swinton, Worsley, 1685, infra, Admon. & Inv.
Ellis Tonge of Breightmet, 1612 *3
Ellis Tonge of Lostock in Barton on Irwell, 1679, Admon. & Inv.
Ellis Tongue of Partington, Farmer, 1814
George Tonge of Breightmet, 1683, Admon. & Inv.
George Tonge of Harwood, Weaver, 1728, Admon.
Grace Tonge of Warford, 1724, infra, Admon., alias Smith
Hannah Tong of Little Hulton, Spinster, 1683, infra, Admon.
Henry Tonge of Tildesley, Webster, 1727, Admon.
Henry Tongue of Little Hulton, Yeoman, 1763
Henry Tonge of Atherton, 1806, Admon.
Henry Tong of Boothstown, Yeoman, 1815
Isabell Tonge of Little Bolton, Widow, 1630
Jabez Tonge of Pendleton, 1827
James Tonge of Breightmet, 1610, Inv. *2
James Tonge of Bolton, Butcher, 1673
James Tonge of Breightmet, Fustian Weaver, 1732
James Tongue of Ardwick, 1733, infra, Admon.
James Tong of Flixton, 1782, infra
James Tong of Farnworth, Yeoman, 1787, The Elder
James Tong of Flixton, Inn keeper, 1800, infra
James Tongue of Kearsley, Weaver, 1801
Jane Tonge of Rusholme, 1774, Admon.
Jane Tonge of Worsley, Widow, 1808
John Tonge of Lostock, 1600
John Tonge of Farnworth, 1639, Inv.
John Tonge of Warrington, 1664, infra, Admon.
John Tong of Farnworth, Yeoman, 1693, infra, Admon. & Inv.
John Tongue of Manchester, Kalendarman, 1693, infra, Admon. & Inv.
John Tong of Great Lever, 1694, infra, Admon. & Inv.
John Tongue of Manchester, Calendarman, 1705, infra, Admon. & Inv.
John Tonge of Ainsworth, Husbandman, 1733, Admon.
John Tongue of Burscough, 1741, infra
John Tonge of Westhoughton, Yeoman, 1750
John Tonge of Middle Hulton, Collier, 1751, Admon.
John Tonge of Pennington, Wheelwright, 1755
John Tong of Liverpool, Slater, 1762, Dep.
John Tonge of Liverpool, Slater, 1763, Admon.
John Tonge of Manchester, 1770
John Tong of Bolton-le-Moors, Carpenter, 1802, infra
John Tonge of Bolton-le-Moors, Shop keeper, 1809
John Tong of Hindley, Gentleman, 1819
John Tonge of Great Bolton, Cotton manufacturer, 1823, A.
John Tonge of Plodder Lane, Farnworth, Farmer, 1824
John Tongue of Blackley, Weaver, 1833, Admon.
Jonathan Tong of Tong, 1683, infra, Admon. & Inv.
Margaret Tonge of Hale, Widow, 1662
Margaret Tonge of Blakey, 1677, alias Jackson
Martha Tonge of Blackley, Spinster, 1821, A.
Mary Tonge of Breightmet, Widow, 1704, infra
Mary Tonge of Ainsworth, Widow, 1734
Mary Tong of Ainsworth, Widow, 1735, Alleg. Dep.

Mary Tonge of Salford, Spinster, 1783
Peter Tonge of Chester, Shoemaker, 1572
Peter Tongue of Worsley, Weaver, 1710, infra, Admon.
Ralph Tonge of Chester, Shoemaker, 1605
Raphe Tonge of Middle Hulton, 1608
Richard Tonge of Worsley, 1627, Inv.
Richard Tonge of Tonge, Gentleman, 1678, infra, Inv.
Richard Tonge of Tonge, Gentleman, 1713
Richard Tonge of Tonge, Gentleman, 1713, Admon.
Richard Tonge of Middleton, Webster, 1722, Admon.
Richard Tonge of Tottington, 1737, infra, Admon.
Richard Tong of Woodhall, Redditch, Yeoman, 1782
Richard Tong of Roads, Husbandman, 1797
Richard Tonge of Worsley, Yeoman, 1798
Richard Tonge of Reddish, Yeoman, 1810
Richard Tongue of Walton-le-Dale, Grocer, 1812
Richard Tonge of Bankmill, Salford, Logwood grinder, 1815
Robert Tonge of Wrenbury, 1594
Robert Tonge of Bolton, 1670, infra, Admon.
Robert Tonge of Kearsley, 1672, Admon. & Inv.
Robert Tonge of Bolton, 1715, infra, Admon.
Robert Tonge of Manchester, Labourer, 1820
Robert Tonge of Heaton, Farmer, 1832
Roger Tonge of Bedford, Leigh, Shop keeper, 1823
Samuel Tong of Darcy Lever, Husbandman, 1761, Admon.
Samuel Tonge of Salford, Cotton weaver, 1818, L. A..
Samuel Tongue of Manchester, 1820
Sarah Tongue of City of London, Spinster, 1666
Sarah Tonge of Salford, Widow, 1800
Susanna Tongue of Longsight, 1809
Thomas Tonge of Worsley, 1622
Thomas Tonge of Farnworth, 1626
Thomas Tonge of Farnworth, 1637
Thomas Tonge of Lancashire, 1650, Proved at London *1
Thomas Tonge of Blindshill, 1672
Thomas Tong of Linsishe [?], 1687, infra, Admon. & Inv.
Thomas Tonge of Farnworth, Fustian Weaver, 1689, infra
Thomas Tonge of Morton, Yeoman, 1706
Thomas Tonge of Farnworth, Yeoman, 1716
Thomas Tongue of Ainsworth, Yeoman, 1720, Admon. & Inv.
Thomas Tonge of Farnworth, 1731, infra, Admon.
Thomas Tonge of Royton, Gentleman, 1745
Thomas Tonge of Worsley, Husbandman, 1755
Thomas Tonge of Hilltop, Worsley, Yeoman, 1769
Thomas Tonge of Manchester, Callenderer, 1771, Admon.
Thomas Tong of Balderston, Yeoman, 1785, Admon.
Thomas Tong of Worsley, Yeoman, 1791 (Hill Topp)
Thomas Tongue of Rusholme, Husbandman, 1804, infra
Thomas Tonge of Middleton, Blacksmith, 1815, A.
Thomas Tonge of Walton-le-Dale, Gentleman, 1822, A.
Thomas Tonge of Manchester, Silk weaver, 1825
Thomas Tonge of Salford, Pawnbroker, 1832, Admon.
Thomas Tonge of Swinton, Eccles, Gardener, 1834, infra, Admon.
Thomas Tonge of Kearsley, Inn keeper, 1844, The Elder
William Tonge of Farnworth, 1583
William Tonge of Worlsey, 1623
William Tonge of Bolton-le-Moors, Tailor, 1647
William Tongue of Worlsey, 1670
William Tongue of Hulton, 1680
William Tong of Worsley, 1691
William Tonge of Worsley, 1825

Item in italics - transcribed by Bill Tong, but not on original list copied from RS indexes by SJT.

*1 LRO say that this is a PCC will.  These wills are available on line, but this one  is not available on line.

*2 Index says "of Broughton", but it's actually Breightmet

*3 Not on original index, but document is at LRO