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Tonge of Tonge, Bolton : Various references to the ancient family.  Bolton-le-Moors 1212-1348.  From Gilbert de Tonge to William de Tonge.

Tonge of Tonge, Bolton 1212 - 1348

Year Name Source
1212 Gilbert de Tonge Held an oxgang of land by 4s rent.  Lancs. Inq. and Extents (Rec. Soc. Lancs. and Ches.), i, 71; see also pp137, 301
n.d. Gilbto de Tonge Witness to land transaction of William son of Henry de Magna Lever, p7 JHP Chet. Lib. FK&R
n.d. Ellis, son of Gilbert de Tonge E4/3/l1/29 Quitclaim (no date) GMCRO
1227 Elias de Tonge Granted a third part of Duxbury by Roger de Boulton.  Lancs. Fines, Part 1, 1196 - 1307. Rec. Soc. Vol. 39, p52
1238 Henry de Tonge Listed as juror.  Lancs Assize Rolls
1246 Elias de Tonge Acts as a Surety.  Lancs Assize Rolls, p74 - 75, Sworn in as juror p60,
1246 Elecock, son in law of Gilbert de Tonge Lancs Assize Rolls, p74 - 75.
n.d. Ellis de Tonge E4/3/1 1/33 Quitclaim (no date) and E4/3/11/36 Deed of Gift (no date) GMCRO
1253 Elias de Tonge Lancashire Inquisitions, Extents and Feudal Aids : Record Society. p193 XXI Thomas Grelley, 38 Henry III, No. 10, 1253.
1254 Elias de Tonge Inq. and Extents, i, 193, 270
1256 Elias de Tonge Acts as a surety for William de Bradshaw.  Pipe Rolls, 41 Henry III
c1270 Elias de Tonge E7/7/1/1 Quitclaim n.d.[c.1270] GMCRO
c1270 Elias de Tonge Grant from Roger de Rivington to Hugh son of William de Worthington, part of Winterhill, Rivington, undated; about 1270 (From Towneley's MSS, GG. 1974)
n.d. Henry de Tonge E4/3/11/30 Grant (no date) and E7/11/1/1 Gift n.d. [c 13th cent.] GMCRO
1281 Henrico de Tonge Witness to Great Lever land transaction. p8 JHP Chet. Lib. FK&R
c1285 Helia de Thoge [Elias de Tonge] Grant of Cecily, daughter of William de Roynton, widow of Roger de Workedlegh, to Adam son of Dorant, quarter of Knolleshaw in Rivington, undated; about AD 1285, From Riv. Deed Book, No. 77, Towneley MSS. GG 1673
1285 Elyas de Tonge Fined 20d for absence. Lancs Assize Rolls
1288 Elias de Tong Holds one third of Duxbury.  Lancs. Inq., Ext., and Feudal Aids, Rec. Soc.
1288 Elias de Tonge Inq. and Extents, i, 193, 270
1288 John de Tonge Inq. and Extents, i, 268
1288 John de Tonge Takes oath as juror at the Bolton inq. p.m. of William de Ferrers.  Lancs. Inq., Ext., and Feudal Aids, Rec. Soc.
1289 Helia, son of Helia del Tongue [Elias] Grant from William de Brodehurst, to Alexander de Pilkington; his land in Rivington.  Undated; about AD 1289, Towneley MSS GG2067
n.d. Henrico de Tonge & Elias filio eius Land transaction.  p15 JHP Chet. Lib. FK&R, citing  p771 Townley MSS Chet. Lib
1292 Ellis, son of Henry de Tonge Unsuccessfully claimed a tenement in Great Bolton against Roger de Bolton.  Assize R. 408, m. 8, 44.
1295 Elia de Tonge Witness to Farnworth land transaction.  JHP Chet. Lib. FK&R
1297 Elia de Tonge Witness to Farnworth land transaction of William le Chefe.  JHP Chet. Lib. FK&R
1298 Eliza de Tonge Culcheth Deeds, relating to land in Hindley
1302 Elias de Tonge Culcheth Deeds, relating to land in Hindley
1302 Elia de Tonge Witness.  JHP Chet. Lib. FK&R, citing  p781 Townley MSS Chet. Lib
1303 John de Tonge Adam de Tocholl and John de Plesington grant land in Tockholes to John de Tonge, and he granted them to Geoff de Kierdale.  The Norris Deeds, Vol. 93.
1303 Elias de Tonge Witness to Tockholes grant. The Norris Deeds, Vol. 93.
1305 Elia de Tonge Witness to land transaction. JHP Chet. Lib. FK&R
1305 Ely of Tonge p98, Tythes arising from the Manors of the Arch-deaconry of Chester, for Boulton:- The tythe of Tonge set to Ely of Tonge and Jordan o' th' Woods at iiii marks and xiid.  (Hist. of Bolton, W. Pimblett + J. C. Scholes, Birches Feodary) 
1310 John, son of Ellis Tonge Pardoned for the death of William de Sharples; Cal. Pat. 1307-13, p298. 
c1320 Ellis de Tong Witness to Farnworth grant.  DDHu 13/1 Lancs. R.O. Hulton of Hulton.
1321 John de Tongh Witness to grant relating to Adam, son of John de Lever; p3 JHP Chet. Lib. FK&R
1322 John, son of Elias de Tonge Holds land in Tonge, Lancs. Inq., Ext. & Feudal Aids, Part 2, Vol. 54, Rec. Soc.
1322 William de Tonge Holds land in Tonge, Lancs. Inq., Ext. & Feudal Aids, Part 2, Vol. 54, Rec. Soc.
1323 John de Tonge 23rd May 1323, juror at inquisition relating to property enfeoffed to Roger de Pilkington by Ralph de Upton (p153, The Hist. of the Pilkington Family, Lieut-Colonel John Pilkington, 1912)
1324 John de Tonge Held an oxgang by 4s. for sakes fee; Dods. MSS cxxxi, fol. 37b.
1325 John de Tonge Elcok de Breightmet fined 4d for not bringing John de Tonge to trial, Lancs. Court Rolls, A.D. 1323-24, Vol. 41, Rec. Soc.
1328 John, son of Elias de Tonge The water-mill at Pleasington and a capital messuage was given by John son of Elias de Tong in 1328 to his brother Alexander in marriage with Alice daughter of John de Hoghton
1328 Alexander, brother of John de Tonge See above
1332 John de Tonge John de Tonge & Roger de Boulton, plaintiffs against Robert son of Alice Deyneth of Bolton, Lancs. Fines Pt II, 1307 - 1377, p87-88
1332 John de Tonge Exchequer Lay Subsudy, 1332, Hundred of Salford, Boulton
1332 William de Tonge Exchequer Lay Subsudy, 1332, Hundred of Salford, Boulton
1332 Alex de Thoonge Exchequer Lay Subsudy, 1332, Hundred of Salford, Blackburn
1334 John de Tonge Witness to grant of land in Lostock from Richard de Hulton to Roger de Atherton, 25th December 1334.  Lancs. R.O., DDIN 30/20
1336 John de Tonge E7/9/1/12 Quitclaim 25 Aug 1336 GMCRO
1337 Roger de Tonge* Request by the King of Scotland from the Chancellor of England for protections for Sir Robert Gower and Roger de Tonge who are in his service in Scotland. PRO C 47/22/6/17 
1338 John, son of John de Tonge John de Tonge had died holding it of Roger de Little Bolton by knight's service, and his son John being a minor Roger had taken possession; Assize R. 1425, m.5.d.
1346 William de Tonge Holds 60 acres of land in Tonge.  Lancs, Inq. & Feudal Aids, Vol. 70
1346 William de Tonge* Parker of Musbury. Disturber of the peace in Liverpool. Calendar of Close Rolls
20 Edward III pt. 1 v.8 p. 48-50 [m20d] 12 February 1346 Westminster
1347 Alice, d. of Roger de Tonge Adam de Knoll [of Rivington] in 1347 held half a messuage by charter of his father Roger, on Adam's marriage to Alice daughter of Roger de Tonge; Assize R. 1435, m.180
1348 William de Tonge Pays rent of 4s for land in Tonge.  Duchy of Lancs., Account bundle 13, No. 17)
1349 Alexander de Tonge Conveyance from Richard Smith of Blyngton, witnessed by Adam de Blakeburne, John de Walton, Hen. Banestre, Alexander de Tonge, James de Lostok, Hen de Blakeburne, Adam de Harwode
1379 Thomas de Tonge of Pleasington, paid 4d for the Poll Tax of 1379
1381 Emma de Tong of Bolton, paid 12d for the Poll Tax in 1381
1381 Daukyn de Tong of Harwood, paid 2s for the Poll Tax in 1381

* Cannot be sure that these references related to the family of Tonge in Bolton, although the names and dates match with known member of the Tonge family of Bolton.  

Stephen Tonge - Dec 2003


Misc. Notes:
  1. Gilbertus clericus de Bolton is mentioned for the years 1184-5 in Farrer's Lancashire Pipe Rolls, 1902, p55

  2. Page 48 of W. Pimblett and J. C. Scholes 'History of Bolton' quotes Birches Feodary as follows:

  3. BLACKROD: Roger de Bradshaw holds Blackrode of the Earl of Ferrars for one carve of land, by service of 20s yearly.  John, son of Elias Tonge, holds one oxgang of land there by the same service of 4s, yearly for sake fee.

    It also states that in Tonge, Gilbert de Tonge held 1 oxgang, as well as other parts divided between Randle, son of Roger, William de Notton, Gilbert de Radcliffe, Adam de Urmston and Roger de Bolton.

  4. Extract from the "History of Bolton", by P. A. Whittle, 1857, p304: Tonge cum Haulgh, one mile north north east of Bolton.  Gilbert de Tonge, in the reign of King John (1201), was seised of land and woodfend, consisting of two bovates in Tonge, held from the King for the annual payment of 4 shillings.

  5. In a letter written 29th February 1814, from Le Gendre Starkie to Lord Bradford, Tonge is called the "Manor of Tonge".  It appears that the right to common pasture was being disputed, the dispute having started after 90 acres at Tonge Moor was enclosed by an Act of Parliament in 1812. [The Bridgeman Register, Bolton Archives]. 

  6. The 1566 the Inq. p. m. of George Haulgh mentions "Gilbt. de Tonge", as does that of John Haulgh in 1619.  John Haulgh's heir was George Haulgh (born c.1592) of London, who by 1635 was bankrupt.  In an indenture dated 1621, George Haulgh's natural mother is said to be Mary Gifford.  In a conveyance dated 1659, his wife was named as Mary  [DBBm  Lancs. Rec. Office]

  7. In 1642, John Howell purchased a tenement in Tonge, lately in the possession of George Smith, deceased.  This included dwelling houses and land is the posession of Ellis Howarth?, William Carlile, Henry Aynsworth, John Buttiller, John Sharples, William Greenhalgh, John Butterfields and Ryders Meadow belonging to Robte. Brerley (deceased).  The document is signed and sealed in the presence of John Norris, Alexander Norris, Thomas Leaver and Thomas Leaver, jnr.