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  The Tonge Family DNA Project Needs YOU!

Tonge Family DNA Project

If you are male, and have the surname Tonge, then you can participate in the DNA project.  The project aims to identify the genetic finger print of the Tonge family, and to discover something of it's ancient origins

Who is organising this project?  Me.  Stephen Tonge.  I'm the author of this web site, and a keen amateur genealogist.  There is no profit in this for me - it's my hobby!

How is the test performed?  You will be posted a mouthwash.  Swill it round your mouth and post it back to the laboratory - it's that easy.

What will it cost me?  The cost of a 37 marker test from FTDNA is $169 (or just over 100 in British Pounds), as of July 2009.  There are other laboratories which can be used whose products, services and prices will vary.  Unfortunately the free testing which could be done through SMGF is no longer available.

What will the results tell me?  The results will tell us how closely (or distantly) you are related to other participants in the project.  By comparing the results with other people throughout the world we may also be able to tell something about the ancient origins of our family.

Do I need to know anything about my family history? No, but it certainly makes it more interesting if you do.  I'll try to help you out if you haven't got much information on this.

Why can only men participate?  The DNA tests are performed on the Y-chromosome.  Women don't have Y-chromosomes.  If you are female and would like to contribute to the project, then see if you can persuade your brothers, uncles, cousins, or any male relative called Tonge, to take a test.

Where can I find out more information?  There is more detailed information about the Tonge Family DNA Project at .