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  Dictionary Definition, Reaney : Early references and suggestion of source, from A Dictionary of English Surnames, P. H. Reaney Litt. D, Ph. D, FSA, 1958, ISBN-0-415-05737-X

Tong, Tonge, Tongs, Tongue: (i) Wlurcus Tunge 1188 BuryS (Sf): Nicholas, Richard Tonge 1279 RH (Bk), 1297 MinAcctCo (O). The frequency of early forms without a preposition suggests a nickname from OE tunge 'tongue', a chatter-box, scold.  (ii) Richard de Tanga, de Tong c1200-10 Calv (Y); Elias de Tong 13th WhC (La).  From Tong (Salop, WRYorks) or Tonge (Kent, Lancs, Leics), varying between OE *twang, tang 'tongs' and tunge 'tongue of land'.  (iii) William in la Tunge 1248 FFSx; James a Tonge 1545 ArchC 42. 'Dweller in the tongue of land' (OE tunge).